School Meal Program

St. Bonaventure Indian Mission: School Meal Program


Please Help Feed Navajo Children This School Year

Navajo households are among the most food insecure in the entire country. Your gift ensures nearly 200 children from these homes can rely on at least two complete meals every day at St. Bonaventure Indian School.

These are just a few examples of how your gift can help cover the cost of feeding our student body throughout the school year.

  • Your gift of $25.00 will provide one St. Bonaventure student with breakfast and lunch for a week.

  • $100.00 will feed a Navajo schoolchild breakfast and lunch for a month.

  • Your extraordinary gift of $450.00 will feed a St. Bonaventure child for an entire semester of the school year.

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St. Bonaventure Indian School is a private, Catholic school located at the southeastern edge of the Navajo Nation in Thoreau, NM. The school is one of the ministries of St. Bonaventure Indian Mission which serves the Diné of the area.

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